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Elevations, sections, and plans for basement renovation, including the addition of a new staircase, phone cabinet, and restrooms. Details for a desk in office are also included. Text: Reconstruction of Main Building Barnsdall Park - For the Olive…

Text: Group of Buildings for A. Barnsdall - Olive Hill - Hollywood - Cal. Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Scale ‘40” = 1’-0” Block plan Sheet 1 Revised Aug 20 1920 [Wright's intials] [Schindler's mark]

Text: Detail of Andiron and Firescreen for Aline Barnsdall Frank Lloyd Wright... Architect [SGG initials]

Text: Detail of Andiron and Firescreen for Aline Barsndall Scale 1/2" = 1 Foot / Frank Lloyd Wright Architect...

Sections and plans for details of dining room, including ceiling, art stone, leaded glass [art glass], and light fixture. Text: Residence A. Barnsdall. Hollywood Cal Frank Lloyd Wright. Architect Dining R'm Scale: 3/4" = 1'-0" Details Sheet No 8…

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