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Elevation for west facade of Hollyhock House, illustrating a proposed variation

Elevation for west facade of Hollyhock House, illustrating a proposed variation.

Plan for third floor of unbuilt theater, including a restaurant and adminstrative spaces: music room, offices, experimental theater workshop, lounge, exhibition room, library, and restrooms. Text: Third Floor / Scale 1/8" = 1'-0" / Administration &…

Site plan and section for development of Barnsdall Park (unbuilt). Text: Site Plan Scale 1" = 40' / Sec. A-A Scale 1/16" = 1'-0" / Barnsdall Park Development Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Lloyd Wright Assoc. Architect 19 October 1961 Sheet number 1

Plan for main floor and east elevation of gallery (unbuilt). Sheet 1 of 4; sheets 2-4 not digitized. Text: Gallery for Barnsdall Park / Los Angeles, California / Frank Lloyd Wright Architect [Wright's initials] Dec [19]58 Scale: 1" = 16'-0"

South elevation and plan for end of the pavilion, west and south elevations, notes regarding handrails, existing cement, detail of wood. Same as 03.1954.5. Text: "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" / Exhibition pavilion for Los Angeles / Frank Lloyd…

Sections for exhibition pavilion, including footings (type A, B, C, and D), pier between lecture room and exhibition hall, and connection at pulbic restroom. Main section labeled D-D. Same as 03.1954.6. Text: "Sixty Years of Living Architecture" /…

Plan for roof framing of the exhibition pavilion. Same as 03.1954.7. Text: Scale 1/8" = 1'-0" / "Sixty Years of Living Architecture / Exhibition Pavilion for Los Angeles / Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect / Roof Framing Plan Sheet No. 7
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