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Text: Detail of Andiron and Firescreen for Aline Barsndall Scale 1/2" = 1 Foot / Frank Lloyd Wright Architect...

Elevation for west facade of Hollyhock House, illustrating a proposed variation.

Perspective of westside of the exhibition pavilion and including the Hollyhock House forecourt, entrance (far left), and lecture room (at site of original Hollyhock House motor court). This is a hand-colored reproduction of 03.1954.25, a…

Elevations, details, plan, and book shelf section for study restoration. Text: Hollyhock House Restoration Barnsdall Park Los Angeles, Calif. Lloyd Wright Architect 858 Doheny Drive Los Angeles, California Sheet No 1 Date 11/27/74 [handwritten…

Text: Group of Buildings for A. Barnsdall - Olive Hill - Hollywood - Cal. Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Scale ‘40” = 1’-0” Block plan Sheet 1 Revised Aug 20 1920 [Wright's intials] [Schindler's mark]
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