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Plan for third floor of unbuilt theater, including a restaurant and adminstrative spaces: music room, offices, experimental theater workshop, lounge, exhibition room, library, and restrooms. Text: Third Floor / Scale 1/8" = 1'-0" / Administration &…

Seven sections through living room, music room, study, owner's room, bridge, patio, child's room, guest rooms, pergola, kitchen, and basement. Sections labeled CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, and BB. Text: Residence A. Barnsdall. Hollywood. Cal. Frank Lloyd…

Second floor plan with basement plan and second floor roof plan. Text: Residence A. Barnsdall Hollywood Cal. Frank Lloyd Wright Architect OK Revised Aug. [ ] 1920 [Wright's initials] Second Floor Plan Scale: '8" = 1-0" Revised [Aug.] 20 1920 Sheet…

Elevation for art stone ornamentation in living room, study music room, and hall. Text: (Smaller Posts–) L.R.– Study and Music Room and Hall / Side only ornamented Face plain / Se[nt] [1]5 [Wright's initials]

Text: Residence "B" Olive Hill

Text: [Front] on minor axis.

Elevations, sections, and plans for garage and pet pergola, including north, south, east, and west elevations, east-west and north-south sections, and plans for the main floor, basement, and roof. Text: Residence A. Barnsdall. Hollywood. Cal. Frank…

Foundation plan and sections illustrating concrete footings and brickwork. Text: Residence A Barnsdall Hollywood Cal. Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Scale 1/8 – 1'-0" May-6-1920
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